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What our clients say …

Deb is an amazing counsellor. She goes out of her way to be available when I need some help to process things. I always feel better after talking to Deb and she has given me the right tools to deal with situations I struggle with. I have recommended colleagues who are having a hard time to book in with Deb because I know that they will greatly benefit from talking with her. It's good to know that I can always count on Deb to be there if I'm struggling or stuck with a situation. She even checks in with me from time to time to see how I'm doing.
Veterinary Nurse
Dr Kathryn at Veterinary Vitality has been nothing short of incredible. After seeking help from a multitude of mental health professionals over the last few years, Dr Kathryn is the first professional I genuinely feel has helped me. Through my sessions and the use of Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Dr Kathryn has helped me reduce negative self-talk, provided me with effective strategies to calm my mind and improve my overall wellbeing. Being a veterinarian herself with many years of clinical experience, Dr Kathryn truly understands the pressures and mental health struggles that veterinary professionals face daily. It is because of this, that Dr Kathryn is truly an asset to my and any veterinary professional’s career and mental health journey.
Veterinary Surgeon
I would like to relay my experience with Dr. Kathryn. I was dealing with anxiety regarding the spay surgery on dogs. I had lost a patient due to hemorrhage at the time of a c section and spay, and now had generalized anxiety when spaying dogs. Kathryn took the time to listen to my situation. She put me at ease just listening to my story and said I did all that I could. My thoughts were just that - thoughts, they were not reality. She gave me techniques for dealing with the worry and concerns. She followed up on me days later and was just genuinely supportive. I think talking with her has allowed me to get over my anxiety, and she gave me techniques to help me deal with it. I am truly very appreciative and think that she could be helpful to colleagues with anxiety or other issues. I think the veterinary world needs more colleagues like her!
Thank you so much Kathryn.
Christina Dayton DVM
Owner of All Creatures Veterinary Services Lincoln, Delaware, USA
Dr Kathryn is amazing. As a practising veterinarian herself, she is very relatable, empathetic, kind and caring. She understands the daily struggles of Veterinary practice and has helped me develop and manage coping mechanisms for specific veterinary situations. I thoroughly recommend Veterinary Vitality to any veterinarian who is struggling as they can relate to the industry - not just provide generic advice that non-vet counsellors give.
Dr Angela Nehring
Veterinary Surgeon